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We specialize in large-scale projects.

Kesser International, Inc. has over a 30-year successful track record of building and reconstruction of transportation, retail and residential developments, marine, industrial, manufacturing, and water infrastructure. Kesser International, Inc has the experience and knowledge to control the quality, cost, schedule, and safety of your next heavy civil project.

Whether it’s a heavy highway, mass transit, site work, soil stabilization, drainage, or sewer infrastructure, you can rely on us to finish the project to your specifications. All workmanship is of the highest quality. From estimating to procurement to completion, Kesser International possesses the knowledge, equipment, and experience to build the next generation’s infrastructure.

Some of the construction projects we have worked on include:

  • Concrete Ditch Paving
  • Steel and Concrete Structures
  • Concrete Rehabilitation
  • Box Culverts
  • Pipe Culverts
  • Excavation & Embarkment
  • Flood and Erosion Control
  • Creek/Wetland/Habitat Restoration
  • Stone Backfill
  • Slope Stabilization and Rock Bolting
  • Rock Buttress
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Stone Base Installations
  • Storm Drain Systems
  • Soil Stabilization

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Heavy Construction

We specialize in managing large-scale heavy construction projects.